Radiation Detection Training Center

This center is managed and operated by Middle East Scientific Institute For Security — MESIS

Countering the threat of radiological and nuclear materials in the Middle East—together.

Advancing the Middle East’s capability to identify and respond to radiological and nuclear security threats.

RDTC is the first facility of its kind in the Middle East. It is uniquely equipped to further the region’s capability to identify and respond to nuclear and radiological threats by offering indigenized, hands-on training in accordance with international best practices.

The Center offers a realistic border check experience in Amman, Jordan, and provides regional stakeholders with access to cost- effective tools, systems and programs to help sustain their radiological and nuclear security capacity-building activities.

The Center carries MESIS’s conviction that cultural understanding concerning security efforts is of crucial significance. As such, The Center adopts a tailored approach to training and developing its own curricula—indigenized and adapted to local audiences, in Arabic.


The RDTC is a functional training center that offers a number of cross-cutting solutions to address issues relating to radiation detection, analysis, maintenance, and simulation. The Center hosts a multitude of advanced detection infrastructure and instruments used by practitioners in the field to provide a realistic border control experience in Amman, Jordan.

Training Courses provided by the RDTC may be tailored to participating countries and organizations in accordance with their identified training needs, radiation detection infrastructure available in-country, and level of technical and operational awareness

The Facility

RDTC is built on the campus of one of the region’s foremost promoters of scientific and technical cooperation, the Royal Scientific Society (RSS) in Amman, Jordan. It is designed in accordance with global best practices to provide the technical knowledge and practical skills necessary for stakeholders from across the region to counter the threat posed by radiological and nuclear materials out of regulatory control.

The center hosts a variety of detection equipment including vehicle and pedestrian radiation portal monitors (RPMs) and hand-held detection equipment. It boasts realistic training props, including two 20-foot shipping containers that are intended for use during practical exercises related to secondary inspection tasks. Indoors, the classroom is fully equipped with workstations and the technical resources required for comprehensive training delivery; this includes access to two associated software monitoring systems utilized at fixed portals throughout the region. throughout the region.


The RDTC is a Public-Private Partnership between the Middle East Scientific Institute for Security (MESIS) and Jordan’s Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC). The Center was made possible as a result of generous contributions from the United States, the European Union, and Canada

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